Cloud based web archiving

This is our online service offered to organisations that wish to create collections of web archives. Our clients are able to select the web and social media sources they wish to archive and  manage these collections through the Webternity platform. The platform’s sophisticated search engine assists users to easily navigate into the archives and find what they are looking for (filtering for author, title, year etc.). Users are also able to cite web sources as these links will remain active for ever.

The value offered by this service is the ability to easily select urls to be crawled and stored securely to the repository using a standard web archiving format.

As an example, our cloud based web archiving service supports Memory Institutions (libraries, archives, museums) to serve their primary mission: to preserve cultural heritage for the future generations. Web resources on major events (such as wars, natural catastrophes or other major events) have already been lost. Through our service, Memory Institutions can create online thematic collections e.g. physics blogs collection, or websites discussing the war in Syria etc. that will remain for ever.

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