On demand analytic services

On demand analytics will be offered as an online service aiming to give our customers insights on terms of their interest. Users are able to create their repositories and input specific terms in order to track references of these terms as well as conduct sentiment analysis on national or multinational. The service aims to fulfil needs of businesses regarding branding issues as well as help researchers to get insights. Marketing and branding consultancies, as well as public opinion agencies, political parties and associations, government and policy making bodies, are also considered as stakeholders that would be interested in using our service.

As an example, our online service will support organisations evaluate their brand name by providing information on discussions about the brand in the e.g. blogosphere and what kind of comments are expressed on it. Being able to do so, a business can potentially benefit from our service by:

  • Measuring the power of its brand name;
  • Measuring opinions on products and services;
  • Measuring marketing campaign effects;
  • Keeping track of competitors;
  • Collecting feedback.

The on demand analytic service will be available in February 2016. Express your interest by completing the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.